Thursday 30th June

With increasing demands for secure, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing fencing pressed and flow-forge grating fits the requirements very well compared to palisade or wire fencing.

A wide variety of mesh sizes is available. With the round bar electrforged type of fencing panels, meshes from 44mm x 44mm up to 124mm x 132mm in panel sizes up to 6000mm long by 1870mm wide.

With flat bar pressed grating fencing panels, meshes from 33mm x 33mm up to 33x99 and 99x33 in panel sizes 3000mm long by 1760mm wide are most common though other sizes are available on request..

We will supply the complete package including the posts if required and the accompanying single or double leaf pedestrian or vehicular gates are also available.

The fencing panels can also be designed to make them “anti-climbing” by minimising the possibility of finger, hand or foot purchase.

As with other grating applications the flexibility allows us to cope with changes in elevation or undulation, the accommodation of service pipes or ducts and even the selection of louvred panels can add an effective screening element to a fencing application if required. Powder coating can also improve aesthetic appeal.

All gratings are manufactured to the relevant building standards and in accordance with ISO9001.

Materials available
- galvanised mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel
- Type R, RL, SP, SPo