Thursday 30th June

Multi-storey car park screening and security screening of single storey car parking, bicycle storage areas and plant enclosures is a popular and growing use for steel and aluminium gratings. The combination of strength to provide the security, inherent ventilation characteristics and not inconsiderable aesthetic appeal especially when the grating is powder-coated make gratings a popular choice for this application. Indeed louvred gratings fit the bill perfectly.

There are two further advantages in using open mesh grating in this way. Natural light is available through the mesh of the gratings during the day so the need and costs of artifical light are minimised. Natural ventilation is also achieved in normal circumstances thus minimising the need and cost of fume extraction or air circulation installations.

All gratings are manufactured to the relevant building standards and in accordance with ISO 9001.

Materials available
- galvanised mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel
- Type R, RL, SP, SPo