Thursday 30th June

With such a wide variety of grating meshes available and the relative strength of the material, gratings are ideal for use in protecting unsightly plant for example from unauthorised access but also from public view. This helps to improve security but also to enhance overall aesthetic appeal.

Complete screening can be achieved whilst maintaining normal security levels for unattractive plant or storage areas with the use of louvred panels. The additional benefit with louvred panels is that they also allow ventilation.

Security screening is an integral part of the plant enclosures
application due to the durability and strength of steel grating.and is widely used because of this in car parks, bicycle sheds, bin stores and plant areas .

All gratings are manufactured to the relevant building standards and in accordance with ISO9001.

Materials available
- galvanised mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, GRP
- Type R, RL, SP, SPo