Thursday 30th June

Grating used as a flooring product is the most popular function. With such a wide variety of grating meshes, depths and therefore load capacities available the requirement for support steel can often be minimised.

For industrial use we offer the electro-forge welded grating range and a range of non slip gratings where the bearing bars and/or transverse bars are serrated. Perforated flooring is also available, with or without accompanying water holes to allow water to escape, which also provides an excellent grip.

This makes grating suitable for a whole variety of applications including off-shore, petrochem, process plant, water, civil engineering and building as well as all the various architectural flooring applications.

The panels are normally supplied ‘jigsaw puzzle’ fashion shaped to customer’s requirements including cut-outs and then hot-dip galvanised. Walkway and staircase gratings can also be supplied with serrated bearing or cross bars for non-slip applications.

Whenever required we will provide the necessary technical expertise in calculating appropriate loads, and spans for a variety of gratings in order to arrive at the most cost-effective grating options for a particular application.

All gratings are manufactured to the relevant building standards and in accordance with ISO 9001.

Materials available
- mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, GRP, perforated aluminium
- Type R, Rh, SP